Five Free Gifts for the Broke College Kid

If you’re anything like me this holiday season, you’re low on cash with a long list of people that deserve more than money can buy. Oftentimes, gifts that mean something to people are more than just store bought knick-knacks. They’re presents that require a little more thought and time. Here’s a list of five gifts that won’t cost you a dime- but are priceless to those who you are gifting them to.

1. A handwritten letter

To me, nothing is more meaningful than a letter written by someone you love. I write letters to my loved ones all the time, and they always love receiving them. Take a page or two to tell your best friend just how much they mean to you. Maybe add in a few stickers you have laying around, or throw in an old picture that you have taped on your wall for an extra touch.

2. A friendship bracelet

Wearing the little knotted bundle of strings around your wrist can seem childish, but giving someone a friendship bracelet is timeless. Every time they catch a glimpse of the braids, they will think of you and the love that went into making the bracelet. Pick the person’s favorite colors for a little personal touch.

3. A framed picture

Going along with the nostalgic side of things, gifting someone a framed picture of the two of you is always a great gift. You can either print off a picture for super cheap, or find a cute one that you have laying around your room. Arrange it into an old frame for a cute, classic gift.

4. A cozy sweatshirt

This idea goes out mostly to those who have a significant other, but can really be adjusted for anyone. Let me set the scene: there’s that one sweatshirt that your girlfriend always borrows whenever she comes over, without fail. She’ll keep it for weeks on end, finally giving it back to you when you notice it laying on her bed. What better gift than wrapping the sweatshirt up, adding in a note about how you know it’s her favorite, and giving it to her to keep for good- or at least until she wants it to smell like you again. Kind of cheesy, extremely simple, but can be really meaningful to the right person.

5. DIY gift cards

Anyone else remember making these as a kid? Little coupon books with titles such as “One dog walk” or “Will wash the dishes without being asked”. To play off of this, make your own DIY gift cards and give them to your friends and family. They can be for events such as “Good for one coffee date on me” or “Lunch at Panera”, or choose a chore the person hates doing, like “Will do your laundry for a month” or “Will scrape the ice off your windshield 5 times”. When gifting to the person that has everything, these are cute, funny, and come in handy.