The Final Countdown: Where Do The Candidates Stand?

Three debates have passed, thousands of articles have been posted, and plenty of interviews have been conducted; yet you still have no idea what the candidates stand for. That’s okay, because I can guarantee you that that is how most of us are feeling right now. Not only do the debates fail to feature our candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, but also it seems that the debates are filled with nothing but dodged questions. It seems that we really haven’t learned much at all after these past couple months. So what do we do? How do we know whom to vote for? Well through research, sitting through those horrendous debates, listening to interviews, and taking notes, it is time to give you some straight answers.

Below is a graphic containing the top 4 candidates’ responses to the most asked questions of this election. We have listed candidates in alphabetical order and did our best to remain unbiased in the creation of this chart. On the left side, you will see a question. Below each candidate is his or her response, in short. We have given one question that each candidate has not given a clear-cut answer on. We also have highlighted issues from many areas of discussion. Hopefully, this helps you to make an informed decision at the polls this November.

Remember, the most important thing is to go out and vote. It is important to utilize this time to choose someone you think will be a great leader for our country. Happy voting, everyone!