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Fifty Things That Make Me Happy

For when life gets a little too overwhelming and you’re not feeling like yourself.


  1. When it’s freezing outside but the sun warms your skin

  2. A cup of green tea

  3. Writing with a new pen

  4. Snuggling up to my boyfriend at the end of a long day

  5. Cozy sweaters

  6. A cold drink of water after working out

  7. Hot soup and fresh bread

  8. Crossing assignments off in my planner

  9. Doing laundry

  10. Putting my hair in a bun & having it actually look good

  11. Walks

  12. Seeing dogs on the walks

  13. Hammocking by the river

  14. Seeing my family members after months apart

  15. Crying during a happy movie

  16. Laughing with my friends until our stomachs hurt

  17. Chocolate and peanut butter

  18. Changing my phone background to a new picture

  19. When my 8am’s are cancelled & I can sleep in

  20. Getting a good grade on a test I studied hard for

  21. Random phone calls from my mom or dad

  22. Sitting in the library by myself

  23. Finding caterpillars on the sidewalk

  24. Giving strangers a small compliment & having them get really excited

  25. Eating popcorn & watching Netflix on winter days

  26. New socks

  27. Playing badminton

  28. When something good happens to one of my friends

  29. Going on bike rides

  30. Writing in my journal

  31. Taking a good polaroid

  32. Sitting in the sun in the middle of a field & feeling it warm my skin

  33. Jumping off the back of my boat into the lake

  34. Watching the sunset off the top of a tall building

  35. Busy cities at night when they’re slightly more quiet & all the lights contrast against the dark sky

  36. Painting my nails

  37. Going out with my friends on Saturday nights & meeting up for breakfast on Sunday mornings to recap our adventures

  38. Being involved in Greek life at my school

  39. Washing my hair after complaining how greasy it is

  40. Taking out my contacts after a long day

  41. Hugs & kisses

  42. Sky blue & yellow

  43. Fields of sunflowers where they’re all six feet tall

  44. Making people laugh

  45. Listening to music really loud & dancing around my room

  46. Noodle bowls

  47. Drinking a latte in a coffee shop on a sleepy Tuesday afternoon

  48. When you order fries & get an onion ring tossed in

  49. Wearing baggy sweatshirts borrowed from friends

  50. Living in the moment

Linsey Wolf

Gustavus '20

Hello! My name is Linsey. I study English Education at Gustavus. In my free time I enjoy reading, drinking coffee, spending time with my friends and being outdoors. 
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