Fifty Things That Make Me Happy

With everything that has been going on lately, it can be hard to find the positive things in life. So I took it upon myself (thanks to my good friend Linsey) to list 50 whole things that make me incredibly happy. And it was much easier than I thought, so, enjoy!

  1. Barbecue potato chips

  2. Watching This Is Us with my roommate

  3. Getting mail in my PO box

  4. Wearing my Future Is Female sweatshirt

  5. Skittles

  6. The reality show Love Island

  7. Watching Abby Asselin vlogs on YouTube

  8. My afternoon classes being canceled

  9. Going bowling with my Little Partner

  10. Wearing my fuzzy penguin socks

  11. Pepperoni Domino’s pizza

  12. Waking up to a sunny room

  13. Finding something I lost and gave up on finding

  14. Making a good tackle in a rugby match

  15. Talking to my mom on the phone

  16. Finishing a long paper

  17. Being done with work/school for the day

  18. Taking a hot shower after being outside in the cold

  19. Sweeping the floor

  20. Watching my college’s volleyball team play

  21. Doing better on a quiz than I thought

  22. Buying a new candle from Marshall’s

  23. Publishing a new podcast episode

  24. Watering my succulents

  25. Building and starting a campfire by myself

  26. Finding the big dipper in the stars

  27. Following astrology Instagram accounts

  28. Sitting down after walking for a long time

  29. Vacuuming my futon

  30. Stepping on a crisp leaf

  31. Taking my clothes out of the dryer

  32. Finding a pair of jeans that fit perfectly

  33. Getting tickets to an event I really, really wanted to go to

  34. Getting my hair washed by a hairdresser

  35. Putting gold eyeliner on

  36. Drinking a hot apple blast

  37. Petting my dog after being away from home for a long time

  38. Giving my friends surprise gifts

  39. Putting my dishes away after washing them

  40. Eating a burrito from Chipotle

  41. Unplugging my phone after charging it

  42. Painting my nails black

  43. Getting a new tattoo

  44. Wrapping myself in a blanket like a burrito

  45. Talking to my friend in the UK

  46. Going down a steep waterslide

  47. Playing a jigsaw game on my phone

  48. Designing bullet journal pages

  49. Seeing a pug in public

  50. Wearing a hat when it’s cold out