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Faces Behind the Cases

Most college students have their laptops plastered in sassy and funky sticker that often reflect the owner’s unique personality and flair. Meet seven Gusties who have some of the radest stickers on campus!

1. Aleah Fealton

What’s your favorite sticker?

The Minnesota Home sticker. I wasn’t born here, but I’ve lived here pretty much my whole life. I just love Minnesota.

Which sticker do people ask you about the most?

The Melanin sticker because then I have to go through the process of how the more melanin is in your skin the darker you are. It’s a symbol of the fact that I’m black and am proud of that.

What’s does your *sips tea* sticker mean?

That’s just how I’m like all the time. I’m sort of on the outside when I watch people argue and I’m just sitting back sipping my tea.

Where do you get your stickers?

Redbubble– they have stickers and everything and I love it.

Can you explain the bible verse sticker?

“Do everything in love” I think that in the world we live in today it’s important to remember that love trumps hate.

What about the bird cage sticker?

I was in Sweeney Todd one time and played Johanna and there’s a song called “Green Finch” and “Linnet Bird.” One of the lyrics is “If I cannot fly, let me sing”- I just love that because I love singing and it applies to my life because, even if I can’t fly, I still love to sing.

Is that a Hamilton sticker? The Peggy and Eliza one?

 Yeah, I love Hamilton. One of my favorite musicals in the whole world is Hamilton, so one of the best songs, after Satisfied, is “Skylars Sisters” which is about these girls whose father works in the senate and had a lot of money and his daughter, Elizabeth, marries Hamilton. I just love Hamilton. It’s one of my favorite musicals in the whole world is Hamilton so one of the best songs, after “Satisfied” is “Skylar’s Sisters”. There are these girls whose father works in the senate who had a lot of money and his daughter Eliza marries Hamilton.

What’s the pear sticker?

 It has the fruits of the spirit on it. It is a daily reminder for me. I grew up in a Christian home my parents are pastors and it has permeated a lot of my upbringing. I really think Christianity is a good thing even if it gets a bad rap most of the time.

2. Madison

What’s your favorite sticker?

The corgi one. I have two corgis that look just like this.

Which one are you asked about the most?

Probably the corgi one again because it’s so cute.

Where did you get your stickers?


Why did you decide to put them on?

I think they’re fun and it’s just fun to decorate your computer. I love stickers.

Which one is you first sticker?

The pineapple. I love pineapple! I thought it was cute I love everything about them.

Most recent sticker?

The nap queen sticker. It was a gift from my roommate.

3. Kathryn 

Which one is your favorite sticker?

Definitely the “stay sexy and don’t get murdered” one.

What does it mean?

I think it’s hilarious. It’s from a podcast and that’s how they sign off every show. I love it and it’s like a great way to live your life. Like stay sexy and don’t get murdered- that’s just really good advice.

Good tip. Tell me more about his podcast.

It’s my sister’s favorite podcast. She introduced me to it last year and it’s called My Favorite Murder. It’s a true crime podcast. It’s something that keeps me and my sister connected because the podcasts come out on Thursdays and we text each other about it. It’s like two middle aged women who don’t have their lives together at all who talk about true crime. They’re both profession comedians. They’re very cautious to not be disrespectful to the victims, but they don’t a good job of mixing comedy with it. It’s dark humor, but I like it. It’s mostly one way me and my sister stay connected through the podcast.

Which sticker to people ask you about the most?

Honestly, the podcast one or the House Stark one. I think it confuses people because they haven’t seen Game of Thrones.

Can you explain for those of us who do not have an HBO subscription?

So one of the houses in Game of Thrones is Stark House and they’re associated with the direwolves and they’re proud of that. It’s my favorite house on the show. They’re definite the most virtuous. They do things for family and loyalty and not like for money and power which a lot of the other houses in Game of Thrones do. It’s just my favorite house. 

Where did you get your stickers?

Redbubble. I don’t know if there’s anywhere else to get stickers.

What’s the Mouse Rat one?

Of it’s the name of this band on Parks and Rec and it’s just like this really terrible band that Andy Dwyer has and its sort of a joke in the show. I think it’s hilarious. And Andy Dwyer is played by Chris Prat and I love that man.

Tell me about your Dunder Mifflin sticker. Do you love The Office?

Oh my gosh, I love The Office. It’s definitely my favorite Tv shows- Game of Thrones, Parks and Rec, and The Office. Oh and New Girl, but I don’t have any stickers for that one yet. I’m probably going to order some after you leave. I just love Pam and Jim and their relationship and all the crazy characters and Dwight. My favorite character is Creed though.

What’s the first in friendship, fourth in obesity one?

It’s another Parks and Rec one. Pawnee, Indiana is trying to come up with a new slogan and that’s the slogan for the town.

The Harry Potter one?

I love Harry Potter. I’m a very proud Hufflepuff. I have a Hufflepuff scarf in my closet right now. I wore it around at camp because we played Quidditch at camp and every time we played Quidditch I’d put on my Hufflepuff scarf. There were some weeks where my campers where like “You’re so cool,” but then there were other weeks where they’d be like “Oh my God, you’re so lame. You’re a college student wearing a Hufflepuff scarf running around a field with a stick.” I had some campers who thought I was ridiculous and some who thought I was awesome.

4. Shailagh

What’s your favorite sticker?

I’d say the Passion Planner sticker and also the EBC sticker.

What’s Passion Planner?

So Passion Planner- this is really nerdy- so there’s a type of planner called the Passion Planner and there was a college woman who was trying to find a planner that would work for her and she couldn’t find a planner that would work for her, so she thought she’d just make her own. Essentially, she created a planner that surrounds your passion. In the beginning, you make a passion road map where you write your goals: immediate, three months out, a year, and a lifetime. Then every week there’s a lot of space that has you reflect and say, “Is how I’m spending my time getting me to my goals and in line with my passions?” At the end of every month there’s a reflection section. I love reflecting and this is the perfect planner for me.

It also focuses a lot on gratitude. I really value gratitude. I think it’s really powerful. Psychology has shown that it increases your happiness and gives you a better outlook on life.

What’s the EBD one?

EBC stands for Eagle Brook Church. The reason I love it so much is because it symbolizes a personal transformation. I grew up in the Catholic church with only one view of faith. I wasn’t exposed to anything else. When I came to college I was exposed to new ideas even within Christianity with the Lutheran faith. It has a lot of subtle differences and I was like, “wow, I didn’t know about this.” My friend from home and I thought we should try something else other than the Catholic church so we went to this random church called Eagle Brook and at the end of the service we were bawling our eyes out thinking, “Oh this is so amazing! What is this place?” It was like rock concert meets really good lecture. It was really interesting. My parents weren’t super excited that I wasn’t going to the Catholic church anymore. Slowly they decided to go with me so I wouldn’t have to be alone. Now my whole family goes there and it’s really changed the way I look at religion and faith. I’ve seen a lot of personal growth and I’ve seen my family members grow. My mom, who is terrified of public speaking, now leads a small group at this church. It just symbolizes a lot of personal growth and transformation.

What’s the GACRL one?

CFs got these stickers. I love being a CF. My first year at Gustavus I felt like I didn’t really find my place. I knew everyone talked about the Gustavus community and you’ll find your place. I was felt like I was watching other people find their place. But then when I joined Res Life that’s when I found where I supposed to be.

When did you join?

Sophomore year- so right away I was like “Wow, this is my community at Gustavus. This is what people are talking about when they talk about the Gustavus community.” I’ve met some of my very closest friends ever through Res Life. It’s a nice reminder. It represents family, my Gustavus family, as cheesy as that is. I learned a lot from both my co-worker and my residents- just everybody.

Which one do people ask you about the most?

Probably mu HC sticker, which stands for Her Campus! People see it and think it’s cute so they ask about what it means.

Anything else?

Oh well a lot of people are like “Feel your boobies? What?” Every year at Gustavus the health and exercise science people put on a health and wellness fair in the spring. One year a booth was about breast cancer awareness and teaching how to do self breast exams. They had little cards that showed how to do that and when to go to a doctor. Then they handed out these stickers. It’s funny and a nice hook for an important conversation.

5. Xatziri

What are the pictures you have on your case?

They’re pictures of my friends and family and people who are meaningful to me.

Why’d you choose to put them on your case?

I’m a freshman and I knew I was going to be homesick and I just wanted something I could look at. So that’s my best friend. His name is Ying.

How long have you been friends?

I’ve been friends for like six years.

How’d you meet?

We met in our math class.

Do you still talk to him at college?

I do. He goes to UMR in Rochester.

Is that prom? Who’d you go with?

I went with my best friend.

What’s the one on the bottom?

Oh that’s me when I went to California taking an Instagram- worthy picture.

6. Kristi 

What’s your favorite sticker?

My favorite sticker on here is my Toms sticker. I worked at the Toms store at the Mall of America this summer and I’ve always loved Toms. I think I have nine pairs now, which is crazy, but the message of Toms is important to me because I worked there. I didn’t know this before I worked there, but Toms actually stands for “tomorrow shoes”. That’s kind of my favorite sticker. Then I have my Alpha Sigma Tau sorority sticker and a lot of these I’ve gotten through being in a sorority like the “I Am Beautiful” sticker and the “Take Back the Night” sticker. The “I Am Beautiful” one is for domestic abuse and the “Take Back the Night” sticker is for sexual assault. I actually designed that one. Then this one (Because I Said So.) is from a speaker who spoke on accountability. Then this one (I Am Beautiful) is the speaker we had for Take Back the Night last year and her name is Ali Miller and she’s from the U of M and she started this thing called the I Am Movement. She takes pictures of people holding a sign that says I am…”empowered” or “strong” and then they tell their story.

Then I went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this summer so I put that one on there. I have a couple inside. I have a Gustavus sorority life sticker and an Ivory Ellla sticker and elephants are my favorite animal so I put that on there.

Which one do people ask you about the most?

Probably the “Because I Said So” one and then I say that it’s this guy who talks about accountability and keeping your promises which is something really important to me.

7. Taylor

What’s your favorite sticker?

Probably the “Party like it’s 1899” sticker. It’s from the musical Newsies.

Which one do people ask you about the most?

Probably my Sockrates, Platato, and Aristurtle sticker.

Why’d you pick out that one?

I like puns.

Do any of them have a story behind it?

This one here because this was one, The Chimerical sticker, was one of the musicals I was in high school.

Where’d you get your stickers?



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