Eight Fall Things to do at Gustavus

As the clock struck midnight on September 23, the rush of cool air and spookiness descended upon the Gustavus community. And with that comes the opportunity to celebrate the best season‒fall, obviously‒in the best place, Gustavus. Here are eight fall-themed things you can do at Gustavus:

1. Go For A Walk in the Arb

Every Gustavus student knows how gorgeous the arb is at Gustavus, but its aesthetic qualities multiply during the fall season. Nothing beats the fall colors in the arb. So grab a few friends‒or yourself‒and take a nice little stroll through our gorgeous arboretum.

2. Get Apple Cider at River Rock

I don’t know what it is about apple cider, but it truly is the best‒in my opinion‒quintessential must for fall. And nothing beats River Rock’s apple cider- trust me. If you can’t find a way off of campus I highly recommend the Hot Apple Blast from the Courtyard Caf as well.

3. Go To A Football Game

You know what they say‒Gusties will shine, right? And nothing embodies this statement more than going to a Gustie football game on a fall Saturday afternoon. There is just something about football (you don’t even have to like football, the people watching is great, too) that screams fall and there’s nothing quite like school spirit.

4. Take Sign Pictures When The Leaves Turn Colors

Find a group of friends‒or your roommate‒and grab the best phone or camera in the group and take some pictures with the iconic Gustavus sign. If you hit during peak “leaf turning season” (for the lack of a more scientifically correct word) the pictures will turn out gorgeous. And even if you don’t hit that peak leaf season, sign pictures are still a classic must.

5. Get Insomnia Cookies During Homecoming Week

One of the most tried and true facets of a Gustie homecoming is the midnight appearance of Insomnia Cookies on the Friday night of homecoming week. And what’s better than Insomnia Cookies? Not having to drive to Mankato and buy the Insomnia Cookies.

6. Watch A Rugby Game

Can’t make it to a football game? Go out and support the club rugby teams (or join if you’re feeling ambitious). The pitch is located behind the baseball field and the games typically happen at 11 (not every Saturday, but most. Find your fave local rugby player for more specific details). You are even able to make it to the football game after the rugby matches if you want a double-feature of Gustie sports!

7. Go To The Fall Fest In The Arb

On October 13 from 11 am to 4:30 p.m. the arboretum will be hosting a fall festival that celebrates all things fall and has a good amount of activities and entertainment for those attending. If you truly want to feel #falltimefresh this event is for you.

8. Go To The Apple Orchard with CAB

Another fun fall event, this time sponsored by the Campus Activities Office, is the trip to the Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard happening on Saturday, September 29 from 1-5 p.m. But if you can’t make that trip fear not‒there are orchards abound in our neck of the woods, and a trip to one is certainly a fall must.