Album Review: "Reputation" by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s sixth album, Reputation, has been long awaited by fans, and is anything but disappointing. After a three-year break from releasing music, Swift came back with a sassy, alluring, and lyrically-genius 15-track record.

This record expands on Swift’s pop sound that she’s been fine-tuning since the release of Red in 2012. The tracks feature pop music with storytelling lyrics. The fifth track, “Delicate”, tells the story of a relationship building in spite of her past bad relationship, and brings to light the necessity of loving people for who they are.

Not all the songs are so loving, though. The album features revenge anthems that echo the message of previous songs such as “Mean” (Speak Now, 2010) and “Bad Blood” (1989, 2014). Her latest track, titled “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”, sings out to her disappointment in Kanye West, but she also gives a nice shout out to her friends, her boyfriend, and even her mom in it.

No matter how angry she may get, the album is overall full of beautiful new love songs. “New Year’s Day”, “Call It What You Want”, and “Gorgeous”, are all rumored to be about her rumored boyfriend Joe Alwyn. No matter who they’re about, they absolutely couldn’t be cuter.

As someone who has loved Taylor Swift since “Tim McGraw” started playing on the radio in 2006, I am glad that I’ve been able to grow up in the era of Swift. As I mature, her music changes with me. I am so happy to have new tunes from my queen.

Overall, Reputation was worth the wait. Taylor Swift brought her fans a cohesive, emotional, and honest album.

And honestly, who doesn’t love that cackle in the middle of “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things?”