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I have never been a huge skin care girl. Washing my face with soap and water is as crazy as I get, but when I decided to use acnedote’s pimple patches for the first time, my attitude towards skin care totally changed. The product itself comes in a tiny cardboard box that I can either throw into my backpack or keep on my bathroom counter holding 40 tiny clear patches. These patches are one of two sizes that exist in a tiny circle shape. In my early twenties, my skin has finally phased out of its oily teenaged life, but I still give an inconvenient zit, like, let’s be honest, probably ever week or so—any why always on the jawline or right between my eyes?? When one of these buggers appears, I just slap on one of the patches before bed, and while the pimple never totally disappears, by morning it is significantly less than what it originally was.

The description on the ancedote’s pimple patches reads as “each remarkable patch draws fluids and oils out and away from the skin to help reduce inflammation while the tight seal keeps skin moist to encourage faster healing and reduce risk of healing,” but what I really love about the product is that it keeps me from picking at my skin and making my acne worse! Also, since the patches are clear I wear them around my dorm room or Skyping with my partner and so far, no one has noticed. I haven’t been brave to wear the pimple patches out in public, but in lowkey settings they have become as much as a staple as my glasses!

These patches are at Target, so feel free to pick up a box of your own!

Lily is a Junior English major at Gustavus Adolphus who loves love, supporting those around her, writing creatively, and using oxford commas. In her spare time, one might find her with a book or watching YouTube videos way too late at night.
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