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8 Productive Things to Do When Even Netflix Is Boring

We all hit that point in our procrastination cycle: you’re laying in your bed, staring at the home screen of Netflix, too lazy to decide on a show to watch, so you end up hopelessly gazing at your wall for the next three hours. When you finally snap out of the zone, you realize you’ve wasted a bunch of time doing absolutely nothing. Procrastination is inevitable, so here’s eight things to keep you from doing homework while still feeling like you’re doing something productive.

1. Listen to music and color/draw

This is one of my favorite things to do when I’m feeling stressed or anxious. I’ll turn on a relaxing Spotify playlist, grab a pack of colored pencils, and go to town on a coloring book. After about a page or two, my mind is a lot clearer, and oftentimes, I feel a little more motivated to work on other things–like homework.

2. Do some simple cleaning

You don’t have to completely tackle the task of deep cleaning your room, but taking a couple minutes to organize your desk and maybe throw your dirty laundry into the wash can really make you feel a lot more put together. Again, with the right music playing in the background, even the most tedious tasks can seem like a little party in your dorm.

3. Journal

Taking time to write about your day and how you’re feeling can be really beneficial to your mental health. By keeping a journal, you can make lists of things you need to do, write down goals you have for yourself, or even just doodle on the pages. Clearing your mind can help you to be more productive and get a head start on some assignments you’ve been putting off.

4. Read for pleasure

Be honest, when was the last time you sat down and read a book for fun? For a lot of us college students, the last time was in high school. Procrastinating your reading for class by doing other reading may not seem like the most fun thing to do, but getting lost in a good novel can pass the time while giving your mind the exercise it needs.

5. Catch up on recent news events

There are a lot of intense events happening around the world lately, from the tragic school shooting in Florida to the Winter Olympics. Take some time to scroll through headlines and read a couple articles that catch your attention. Knowing current events is a good life skill to have, and is oftentimes a good conversation starter among classmates and professors.

6. Clean yourself up

After so many days of using dry shampoo as an attempt to cover up your greasy hair, it’s probably time to give it a good wash. Take some time in the shower to exfoliate, wash your hair, and just overall do some simple self-care. Afterwards, you’ll feel clean and refreshed, hopefully putting you in a better mindset to get some work done.

7. Watch a Ted Talk

Mindlessly watching Friends or The Office gets to be stale after a few seasons, but if you’re still in the mood to watch something, a Ted Talk is always a good option. There are talks on any and every subject you could ever want. Again, keeping up with current events and knowing fun little bits of information can give you an edge in class and around campus.

8. Call a family member

Calling one of your parents or a sibling is a great way to catch up on their life and pass some time. A lot of the time, they’re really happy to hear from you and have you share about your coursework.


Linsey Wolf

Gustavus '20

Hello! My name is Linsey. I study English Education at Gustavus. In my free time I enjoy reading, drinking coffee, spending time with my friends and being outdoors. 
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