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5 Orgs to Join This Fall

The fall Student Involvement Fair was last week. You went, you saw, you got the free candy. Now what? Which orgs do you join and add to your already busy schedule? Well no fear! HC Gustavus has done the heavy lifting for you. Here are the top 5 hidden gem orgs you should join this fall! (Besides Her Campus, obvi.)

1. The Gustavus Thrift Shop

A new org on campus, the Gustavus Thrift Shop is planning to open a pop-up thrift shop this year and also runs the Hilltop Knickkacks Facebook page. The Hilltop Knickknacks is a space for Gustavus students to buy and sell used items that would otherwise end up in the landfill. This org is great for anyone interested in sustainability or entrepreneurship. 

2. Big Hill Farm

The Big Hill Farm has been around for a while, but not many Gustavus students have heard about it! This fall, the Big Hill Farm is looking for volunteers to help bring in the fall harvest. You can to get your hands dirty, and potentially get some free produce out of it, how awesome is that? You can also apply for the 2018 summer internship program.

3. Arb Scouts

Arb Scout is a newer org on campus and probably the cutest! They plan fun events in the Arb and just encourage Gustie students to get out and explore nature on campus! This org is a perfect match for anyone who loves being outside and just needs that extra push out the door.

4. Gustavus Figure Skating Club

The Figure Skating Club is open to skaters of all ability, the only requirement is a passion for skating! This org is a great way to take advantage of the ice rink, as the Figure Skating Club gets its own designated rink time.

5. Gustavus Meditation Club

Probably the most chill org on campus, the Gustavus Mediation Club hold evening meditation sessions in the Bonnier Multifaith Center in Anderson Hall. Their sessions are lead by Professor John Cha or Buddhist Monk Bhante Sathi. This is a great org to join if you feeling stressed out or just want to work on your mindfulness.

Now get out there and get involved!

Katie Allen is Editor-in-Chief for Gustavus' Her Campus Chapter. She is currently in her fourth year as an English major. Her role models include Emma Watson, Hillary Clinton, and Leslie Knope.
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