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15 Little Reasons to Smile Today

Today there is too much negativity. People tend to focus on the bad things in their life or what has gone wrong. That’s just no way to live! Life would be much more enjoyable if everyone took time to look on the bright side and find the good things in life. The best way to stay positive is to find a few reasons to smile each day. Here are 15 examples of reasons to smile.

1. Because the caf is serving frost your owns today.

2. Because you saw a campus cat today … need I say more?

3. Because you got out of bed today, even though you really didn’t want to. Job well done!

4. Because your last class of the day ended ten minutes early.

5. Because you actually went to bed early last night.

6. Because you woke up with good hair.

7. Because your professor pushed back the due date of that paper you have not started yet.

8. Because you look fabulous today and everyone feels amazing when they look good.

9. Because you got an unexpected package and it feels like Christmas.

10. Because you got to hang out with your friends today.

11. Because it’s November and hasn’t snowed yet.

12. Because it’s Friday and on Fridays you get to have lunch with Her Campus President Shailagh Lannon!

13. Because you were productive today.

14. Because you had the best conversation with your bestie today.

15. Because you had the most lit dance party in your room…. by yourself.

Make sure to find a reason to smile today!


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