Why Your Mom is the Best Friend you will Ever Have

I have been extremely fortunate my whole life to grow up with a mom who was never just a mom, she was always my best friend.  She is always the first person I call when anything new happens in my life and she is always there to offer me the best support and advice.

Here are 6 reasons why your mom is the best friend you will ever have:

1. You can tell her everything

Most of the time I don’t think my mom wants to hear what I tell her, but I know that she will listen anyway because she wants to be able to offer me as much support as possible. She has most likely been through it or done whatever it is you are telling her so she never judges or criticizes your decisions.

2. You can call her 50 times a day for advice or just a chat and she will always pick up

Unlike a friend, your mom kind of has to stick around. So no matter how many times you call and for whatever annoying reason it is, she will always be there to talk.

3. She is the first person you will want to tell when anything good or bad happens

Its nice to have someone like your mom to share good news with because you always know that she will be extremely proud and make you feel 200 times more excited of your own accomplishments. When it comes time to telling her about anything bad in your life, she will be the one to offer you a shoulder to cry on and the best hug (because mom hugs are always the best hugs, lets be honest) 

4. She will never judge or ridicule, only listen and give the best advice possible

Like I said earlier, your mom has most likely been through whatever it is you are stressing over so there is a good chance she will not judge you. My mom is always the best, she patiently listens to what I need to tell her then suggests what she thinks is the best option. I have never felt uncomfortable telling my mom anything because I know she will always be there to catch me if I fall.

5. Your secrets will be safe with her

Your mom is most likely a lock box of secrets from either you or your siblings. No matter what you tell her, she will never tell anyone else. It is the most secure way of getting your secrets out in the open while knowing it will never get to anybody else.

6. She will be honest with you 

No matter what, you can count on your mom to give you her honest opinion. She wants what is best for you, so honesty will always be the best policy. 


Lets be real, there are more than 6 reasons why your mom should be your best friend. And if your mom is your best friend, I would count yourself one of the luckiest people in the world. Moms are truly the best gift this world has been given.