Why you Should Check Out your Local Public Library

As someone who has both worked and volunteered in a library for the past seven years, I have grown a strong appreciation of the services that they provide. In Guelph, there are several different branches of the public library including the Scottsdale, Bullfrog Mall, Westminster, West end branches, and the main branch downtown. Additionally, library cards are free and can be easily obtained by simply bringing your ID and proof of residency in Guelph to the front desk of the library. So, without further ado, here are some of the reasons you should check out your local library.


Online Services     

Because our society lives much of our lives online, many libraries offer online services, including online libraries, which can be accessed through a phone or tablet. Different libraries may or may not provide these services and they tend to vary. For example, the library system in B.C. offers an app called Libby which allows you to loan eBooks and audiobooks on your iPad or iPhone, just as you would in a physical library. This is especially convenient, as you don’t have to worry about forgetting to return your book, as it is automatically returned after the loan period ends.

Study Space   

Libraries have several desks and tablespaces. This can be great for a change of scenery from the typical study cubical in the University library. All the libraries here in Guelph provide free wifi for public use.


If you’re like me and still living in the early 2000s with your DVD player, the library is a great place to rent movies and TV shows, with the nostalgia of browsing the shelves of DVDs bringing you back to the days when Blockbuster was still in business. So, when Netflix doesn’t carry the movie you want, just go to the library and see if they carry it!


Libraries provide many different services including book clubs, author visits, and for some libraries, even art showings. In Guelph, the main branch of the public library provides access to various technological gadgets in the tech bar. These include a 3D printer, 3D pen, and virtual reality, which can be used free of charge.



Okay, this one is obvious, as the main reason people go to the library is for the books. Libraries not only have a lot of novels; they also have magazines and graphic novels. During the school year, I tend not to read too many novels, as reading more text-filled pages after finishing textbook readings can be exhausting, but I find that reading graphic novels is a good alternative. I also like taking out cookbooks as they are fairly expensive, and I can simply take notes of the recipes I like.