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Why Riverdale is the New Hit Show You Should be Watching

Every Friday I look forward to being able to watch Riverdale on Netflix. This show is worthy of all the attention it has been getting. The first episode I casually tossed on while babysitting, bored with the kids asleep and I was hooked. I needed to watch more.

Maybe your mom bought you a couple copies of the Archie Comics when you went away to summer camp as a child or perhaps you read them in grocery store aisles as you waited for your parents to finish shopping, or maybe you’ve never even opened a copy. Here’s the low down: the character’s names and some traits or characteristics are the same as the comics but amplified with modern day issues and drama. Think Gossip girl meets Pretty Little Liars meets Archie Comics. It’s incredible. Cole Sprouse has never looked so hot, KJ Apa is a ginger wet dream and Camila Mendes makes me want to dye my hair black. Riverdale takes the old trope of a small town murder and makes it new and interesting. Sticking with typical CW fashion all the characters right down to the teachers and parents are hotties. The plot is great and certain actors, such as Cole Sprouse really shine.

Who killed Jason Blossom? I just want to know. If you like murder mysteries. Watch Riverdale. If you like hot hook ups. Watch Riverdale. If you like girl power friendships. Watch Riverdale. If you liked the Archie Comics. Watch Riverdale. Basically just watch Riverdale.

Here is some photographic evidence of why you should watch:






Personality of Elle Woods (if she was more bitter and her humour was entirely sarcasm) 
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