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Why I Love Notion for Organizing Myself

After four years of undergraduate, I can finally say that I’ve found an organizational method that works for me. Notion is a highly customizable workspace that can house anything from calendars, notebooks and databases. I love Notion because it lets me create a planner that fits my needs, and I actually moved away from using my Passion Planner for this reason.

I was absolutely devoted to using paper planners and I loved using them when my life had a bit more structure. With the move to online learning this year, I didn’t really feel the need for keeping a calendar since my days had literally no structure. The reason I love Notion is that I can create a task list for my week, month, semester and can view it in multiple formats. I found that this helped keep me organized and I was able to make a giant spreadsheet with all my assignments for the semester, then view them in a calendar. This also replaced my huge calendar from the UofG Bookstore, an absolute classic (she will be missed).

Notion is now free for personal use but if you sign up with your school email you might get access to extra features (wink wink, nudge nudge). Some other things that I have in my personal Notion are embedded playlists & gifs to make my Notion more personalized. I use Notion to budget, keep track of the books I read, my wish list, etc. Notion is endlessly customizable with the ability to create new templates and format your pages however you need them.

Their website has endless guides and tutorials on formatting, templates, and more. If you look up Notion on websites like Pinterest and Youtube, you’ll find more tutorials and templates that others have made available for download. I loved the template from twirlingpages on Youtube and downloaded it for myself; once you’ve downloaded templates you can customize them to your liking! Overall, I’d highly recommend this app for anyone who’s looking to change up their organization!

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