Why I Believe Everyone Should take a Philosophy Class at least Once

Before the start of the last semester, during course selection, I was entirely lost. I had to choose an elective to complete my schedule, and I was in awe of all the options available to me. Coming from high school where there are very few options, I found it difficult to decide what to learn for upcoming four months. Then, while scrolling, I came across the philosophy section. I had never entertained the idea of studying philosophy, and for a long time I thought it was a lot of pseudoscience that I would not gain from. After some deliberation, I added it to my schedule, and it was the best decision I have made  thus far. 

    The first class was like any other, but once we started learning, I realized what an affinity I have for this subject. I started becoming excited to attend class, which is not something I experience. I looked forward to the assignments and the material. We learned about great philosophers like Aristotle and Plato, and historical figures like Alan Turning. In a short amount of time, I learned more than I would have ever known about philosophy. 

     More importantly, I learned to see the world around me just a little bit differently. I would see morality in action, where I would never have before. I started thinking about the life that I want to lead, and the changes that I can actively make to lead a more fulfilling life. I learned how to think, instead of what to think. 

    Philosophy is an obscure subject, and not nearly as celebrated as it should be. I believe that when given the opportunity, everyone should take a philosophy course. It may just change your life.