Ways to Bond with Your Roommates

After two failed years of having not-so-great roommates, I’ve finally landed myself with an amazing bunch of girls. We try to schedule roomie bonding time together to help us de-stress from school every so often. If you don’t already spend quality time with the people you’re living with, I highly recommend changing that. It’s a nice way to get to know each other and take your mind off of all the studying you have to do. Here are some ideas you can use to bond with your roommates.


1. Dinner Night

Once a week, my roommates and I do Taco Tuesday or Italian night. We all supply one or two ingredients and then divvy up the cooking tasks. Afterward, we sit together and eat while watching an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s great because cooking for one person isn’t always easy, so when there’s more people involved, you can have larger quantities and each person leaves with some leftovers! If you don’t feel like making the food yourself, you can also plan to go out to eat instead.

2. Roomie T.V. Shows

At the beginning of each semester, we all pick a show on Netflix that we want to watch together. Sometimes we watch it during dinner night, other times we just schedule a time when we’re all free to sit down and watch it. It’s good for unwinding, and usually we pick something overly-cheesy that we can mock together and quote once it’s over.

3. Games

Thankfully, my roommates are just as competitive as me. We all love the thrill of a good card or board game. We play anything from Cards Against Humanity to Jenga. It helps you get to know their personalities and usually ends with a good laugh.

4. Arts and Crafts

This is a relatively cheap way to hang out with your roomies, and depending on the craft, you get an additional decoration for your room. We’ve done plant pot deco and DIY stress balls. Both really fun and useful afterwards.

5. Spa night

Cucumbers, nail polish, and face masks! A fun way to unwind and pamper yourself while spending time with your gal pals. We did hand massages, painted each other’s nails and relaxed with some homemade face masks.

I’m lucky enough to live with three great girls who always know how to have a good time and we all support one another. Give any of these bonding ideas a try if you’re looking to get to know your roommates, because I personally find that I have a better time when we all get together!