The Value of Friendship

Friendships are incredibly important. Good friends can greatly improve mental health, especially when you are feeling stressed or alone. However, it can be hard to find time to spend with friends when you have conflicted schedules, looming deadlines, and especially if you don’t attend the same school. I’ve compiled a little list of things that help me keep in touch with friends during the school-year.

1. Talk, Text, Communicate!

Find a way that works for you and the friend you want to keep in touch with. Some people love texting, others won’t answer for days (not because they’re “ghosting” you, but because they just don’t check their phone as often). Some people like to write more and therefore prefer email or letters. And, some people really like to talk, yes , actually talk, on the phone. Find a way to communicate. Then decide if you want a bunch of short calls/texts etc., or a longer one at the end of the week. Even just an hour or two can have a massive (positive) impact on your life!

2. Get excited about seeing each other!

Make possible plans and then get excited about them. If you are from the same hometown, make plans to go for tea or milkshakes when you know you’ll be at home (i.e. weekends and breaks). Or, meet someone halfway! Guelph has buses that go to places like Toronto and Square One… Pick a place to meet at a time that works for both of you, and because it’s more of a “trip”, don’t worry if it’s two or three weeks from now, just get excited about it!

​3. Remember, experiences are fun to share!

If you find yourself thinking: “I wish X was here…”, try not to think that way. Yes, it is fun to do things with old friends, but enjoy things as they happen! And, afterwards you have a great story to tell your friend (s) that you can both enjoy… And they’ll likely have fun stories to tell you too! 

Don’t be nervous about “missing out”, just look for fun things to do, try to meet new people, and value the positive relationships you do have. There’s a lot to be gained if you go looking for it, and it can be even better with good friends to support you.