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Having grown up in Vancouver, I’ve become accustomed to film sets being pretty much everywhere. Over reading week, I went back home, and I was able to find some spots where popular T.V. shows and movies have filmed. Here are some places depicted in T.V. shows and movies in real life.


Superbad: Point Grey Secondary School

Point Grey is most notably seen in Seth Rogen’s Superbad, which is actually based on his experiences while attending the school. Riverdale has also used the school as a filming location, using the picnic tables as well as some interior shots for the show. During its start, they filmed Riverdale at the beginning of the school year, and my brother, who goes to the school, claims he saw Cole Sprouse. There’s an ongoing rumour that the school used to be a women’s prison, a fact students share when giving you a tour, but according to my brother, it’s not true.


Fifty Shades of Grey: Casa Mia 

There has been an abundance of T.V. shows and films using the Casa Mia, including Fifty Shades of Grey. While volunteering for an event, I was able to go inside, and let’s just say that the faucet of a sink was in the shape of a swan’s neck and head. Other than the Grey family, the mansion hasn’t had any residents over the past years, and was recently green-lit to be turned into a senior care facility.



Once Upon a Time: Steveston

If visiting Vancouver or Richmond, I would strongly advise an afternoon trip to Steveston. Fans of the show Once Upon a Time would most likely recognize it as Storybrooke, the fictional town which uses Steveston as its filming location. During filming seasons, many of the signs and store windows painted for the show can be seen. During off seasons, Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop was a gift shop for a period of time, though I am unsure if it is still there now. The Three Bears Cafe in the show (Cannery Cafe in reality) is open for customers, so fans of the show can enjoy a meal in the cafe. Unfortunately, the clock tower does not actually exist, and the building which it is located on top of in the show (the library) has actually been abandoned for a long time. In addition to Steveston, Once Upon a Time has filmed in a variety of different locations, including my old elementary school. The show actually filmed in the front of my school outside while we were in class, causing a lot of distractions and glances out the window.


The Flash: BC Place Stadium

If you have ever watched The Flash, you may recognize the image above as STAR labs. BC place is host to many different concerts and sporting events. There is also a scene in Deadpool which briefly shows the stadium in the background.


Supergirl: Downtown Vancouver

Supergirl, when filming on location, is almost always in downtown Vancouver. If you ever walk around downtown, chances are that you will walk by or through somewhere the show has filmed. The photo above shows one location where they have filmed, which is actually the central branch of the Vancouver Public Library, which is shaped like the Roman Coliseum. The show also frequently films in front of my grandma’s apartment, and according to her, causes a lot of noise.



The above image is of the Vancouver convention center, where Arrow has filmed a couple different times. The convention center is a primary destination for high school proms, and also hosts a variety of different events and conferences, including the Vancouver International Wine Festival. Along with Arrow, you may recognize it from brief scenes in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, The Flash, Godzilla (2014) and Supergirl. Similar to Supergirl, Arrow films all over Vancouver, and at one point was even filming two blocks away from my house.


Big Eyes (Source)

Big Eyes filmed a couple scenes in gas town, shown in the above photo. Gastown is a popular place for the hipsters of Vancouver and is the oldest neighbourhood in the city. The area has an interesting history which may be indicated by the fact the founder was called ‘Gassy Jack’.


Rachel is a fourth year bio-medical science student at the University of Guelph.
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