Travel Destinations I Hope to Visit in the Future

I’ve loved to travel for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been lucky enough to have already been to places such as Paris, London, Alaska and more – which is why they won’t be on this list. There are still so many places I’d like to see – here are my top five places I’d like to travel to in the future!

1. New Zealand 

From the amazing scenery in the Lord of the Rings movies to the stunning visuals of Taylor Swift’s Out of the Woods music video, I am in constant awe of how beautiful the country of New Zealand is. From plains, to mountains, to gorgeous beaches, New Zealand truly has it all and I can only hope I get the opportunity to visit one day.


2. Japan 

Architecture and culture are the main things that draw me to Japan. There are unique cafés such as the Pokémon café, as well as incredible landmarks such as Mount Fuji; Japan is definitely a dream destination that I hope to cross off my list in the future. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see the cherry blossoms in bloom?


3. Greece

When I was a kid, I went through a huge Greek mythology phase where I was absolutely obsessed with the literature and lore. I would love to visit Greece one day to see the architecture and artifacts in museums (and that’s the gospel truth)!


4. Italy

I mostly blame Overwatch for this one – one of the game’s maps is Rialto (a central area of Venice) and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. I would love more than anything to take a gondola down the canal and see it for myself one day – not animated!


5. South Korea

This is another destination I am drawn to largely for the culture and food. The cities (old and new) are incredible sights, and I would love to try authentic Korean cuisine from the country itself one day!


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