Three Reasons Why I Love Tea


1. Tea is perfect for cold winter days

There is truly nothing like a good cup of tea on a frigid, snowy day. It is great to start the morning with a hot drink, and drinking decaffeinated tea at night will also help warm you up after a long day without keeping you awake. Tea counts as part of that recommended six-glass of water daily intake, so drinking it can help you stay hydrated as well.

2. Tea has proven benefits for your mental health

Some of these include:

-Tea helps you feel calmer and focused

-Drinking tea will help you reduce potential sleeplessness, headaches, tension and feeling bad-tempered

-Tea can reduce your chance of developing cognitive impairments (such as Alzheimer’s)

-Tea can also help to improve your memory for a short amount of time

3. Any cup can be yours

Finally, I love tea because there are so many different types to choose from. There’s chamomile if you want something calming, peppermint if you need to feel refreshed and energized in the morning, chai if you’re craving something deliciously sweet and spicy, lemon-ginger if you’re feeling under the weather, or green, English Breakfast, Orange Pekoe, chrysanthemum, dandelion, hibiscus, matcha, nettle, rooibos, raspberry leaf, and many more. Any type can be your cup of tea!