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Things to do during your exchange in Guelph

Unbelievable how time flies. I feel like I’ve just arrived here on campus, had my first lecture and enjoyed the pep rally in the o-week. But actually, I’ve been here for more than one month already. And I feel like the days are getting colder and windier, assignments start to pile up and midterms are coming closer day by day. With only 2.5 months left in this beautiful country and this uni, I think it’s time for a to do list for all exchange students and maybe also for full degree students:

  • Paint the cannon
  • Have crosstax fries at Brasstaps
  • Cuddle the kittens at the Kitty Café in downtown Guelph
  • Get up really early on a Saturday morning and go to the farmers market with your besties & afterwards to Balzac’s and enjoy a delicious latte
  • Join a trivia night on the 5th
  • Go to a Sunday cinema at Thornbrough
  • Read a book from GryphsRead
  • Go to the Hoco
  • Dress up crazily for Halloween
  • Enjoy a noon hour concert on Branion plaza
  • Spend a Wednesday eve listening to the open mike at the bullring- or maybe even participate in it?
  • Have a (midnight) stroll around the arboretum
  • Have a swim in the Guelph Lake
  • Go to a Christmas market
  • Explore the second-hand shops in Downtown Guelph
  • Go to the civic museum of Guelph
  • Visit the beautiful Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate
  • Volunteer at a meaningful organisation
  • Enjoy a canoeing trip in the speed river & afterwards a delicious ice cream at the Boathouse
  • Grab one of Bob’s Hot Dogs & enjoy the live music

Probably there’re endless more things we should do while we’re here, but it’s impossible to do all of the amazing things here at the UofG in only one semester. So let’s enjoy it while it lasts & get as many things as possible done of this list in the next 2.5 months (while still passing our midterms & exams…)!

Livia grew up in Switzerland and is currently doing her exchange semester at the University of Guelph. She is a Marketing and Business major in her last year. In her free time you'll find Livia drinking endless amounts of coffee, reading books, cuddling kittens or hiking in the mountains. If you want to read more of Livia's writing, check out her blog www.wonderlifeofliv.wordpress.com
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