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Teeth Whitening That Actually Works!

Ok y’all, so I know everyone wants to achieve that gorgeous Hollywood smile, right? But let’s be real people: Celebrities pay thousands of dollars for teeth treatments, and I ain’t about to do that! So let me share my secret with you, and yes! It does actually work!

What I have been using for a while now is a product that my boyfriend bought for me off of Amazon. It is an activated charcoal product which is most commonly used for teeth whitening but works as a great facemask too! What I really love about this product is its affordability. It costs $15.99 with free shipping and comes with a free bamboo toothbrush! The amount of powder you receive is plentifully considering how cheap it is in my opinion.

I particularly like this brand, Aim Naturals, because it is 100% natural and virgin charcoal powder. This means that you aren’t getting any nasty chemicals. You are also getting the full benefits of the charcoal powder! This company is also cruelty-free, vegan, eco-friendly and the container is made from recycled plastic. If that doesn’t make you feel good about buying this product, I don’t know what will.

 I have really loved using this product and it’s honestly so easy to do so. You simply wet the bamboo toothbrush and lightly dip it into the powder. Be careful you don’t use too much, I’ve done this before and it was just gross! (LOL) Make sure you really brush and scrub your teeth with the powder. After, remember to rinse your mouth to get any leftover product out. Then, floss, brush, and mouthwash like you would do for a normal toothbrushing routine. I highly recommend mouthwash to get all the little fibers out even you don’t use it regularly. I use this twice a week (or when I’m not too busy) and I honestly see results almost instantly. This is such a fabulous product I really think you’ll love it as much as I do.

That being said, there are a few negative points to note:

  1. I find the taste is literally just like having dust in your mouth. That’s why I caution you not to use too much product as it will be so gross. But, once you get used to it, (it’s not horrible) you can start to look past the sort of pasty feeling in your mouth. A bonus though is that it doesn’t really smell!
  2. I find this makes a pretty big mess. I have a white sink in my bathroom, so it definitely needs a good wipe down after I use this product. This is powder, so be careful when you’re moving it around because it can literally get all over you. However, there is a lid inside the container that I have found helps keep the spilling down to a minimum. Its more so when you are brushing that the mess really starts, so keep your mouth closed.
  3. You do actually have to use it regularly. This is not a kind of miracle product that will fix everything and then you’re set forever. I drink a lot of tea and coffee so my teeth tend to become stained fairly quickly. I found that I really need to use this product at least once a week to keep up with results.

I hope you are able to check out this product! Click here for the product page!

There is honestly no harm in trying it, as the site says they provide a money back guarantee! I hope you love it and much as I do!


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