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Undoubtedly, the pandemic has been the cause of a major toll for many individuals who wish to see their loved ones and spend quality time together. Managing a relationship throughout the ups and downs of provincial shutdowns and new regulations can be difficult and challenging for couples who can still safely see each other. However, for myself personally, I have been able to figure out some great ideas during the past year to still enjoy the time with loved ones, whether it is through the screen or in person. With that being said, it is important to always check your city’s COVID-19 guidelines before proceeding with any given plans to do your part in stopping the spread.  


1. Go for a Picnic

As the weather starts to get warm, there isn’t a better time to pack some snacks and spend some time outdoors. This option is so great as it is super versatile based on whether you need to keep your distance or not. You could share a blanket, distance yourselves with lawn chairs, or even sit in your own cars to ensure you are following the socially distant measures. The best part about living in Guelph is that it is filled with lots of great parks and spaces to do this. A few of my favourites are Royal City Park, Johnston Green, and the Arboretum.  


2. Support Local

Even through the shutdowns, there are still opportunities to support and give back to the community. For couples who can see each other, doing small things like grabbing a coffee from places such as Red Brick Café, Robusta, or other spots around town or ordering dinner at a local spot (La Reina, Buon Gusto, Pressed for Time Paninis) are great ways to keep our places up and running! If you aren’t able to see your partner, try a new date night that includes ordering each other’s dinner off of UberEats and then finishing with a movie on websites such as Netflix Party! It is a fun way to feel connected even when you are far apart 


3. Do Something Creative

Finally, the biggest thing that I enjoyed in the first provincial shutdown was having more time to do things that I normally would not. Actively choosing to take the good out of a bad situation helps with regulating the state of your mental well-being and makes the days feel more exciting. With your partner (either on Facetime or together), try doing something new. Is there a recipe you’re dying to try? Make it together or separately and enjoy each other’s reaction to your own creation. Is cooking not your thing? Try painting or yoga or anything for that matter! A great place to start is Pinterest. They have everything on there and it is amazing for finding new ideas. Another place is TikTok, viral trends can be fun to try for yourself as well! Basically, keep busy! 


There are no two ways to say it, lockdown sucks. With that, sometimes it is difficult to see the positives when you are constantly battling some sort of setback. However, I hope you always remember that there are ways around things that are blocking you in. Lockdown does not mean you can’t spend the time you’d like to with loved ones. You may not be able to see them in person, but by keeping our distance, getting our vaccines, and following regulations, we are so much closer to being together again!  

Carissa is a second-year Psychology student with a minor in English at the University of Guelph. She enjoys all topics related to fashion, lifestyle, and well-being. When Carissa is not writing, she can be found at a local coffee shop, scrolling on Pinterest, or hanging with her friends! Please feel free to reach out about anything through her email [email protected] or connect through her socials down below! https://www.instagram.com/carissa.lynne/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/carissa-walker-0a87b3208
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