Summer 2018: Skin Care for Summer Months

DISCLAIMER: these are a few things I’ve tried that have worked well for me. Always test on a small patch of skin or consult a healthcare practitioner especially if you are allergic to commonly used things for skincare. I’m also of mixed race (black, white and middle eastern), what works for me may not work for other skin tones/races!


SUMMER, summer, summer (do you hear the beginning of high school music starting in your head?). Personally, my favourite time of the year because it means shorts, beaches, long drives, and the smell of sunscreen (YAS!).


Never leave the house without sunscreen

We were all reminded by our guardians growing up to not sit out there in the sun baking like a hot dog without a layer of sunscreen on. Turns out the annoying nagging by our moms were very useful; the sun can be your best friend (hello golden tan) or your worst nightmare (peeling noses, blisters, basic hell).  SPF 30 and above is best! Lighter moisturizers during the summer months are important!

Makeup Wipes

I cannot stress this enough, and we’ve all seen the articles where celebrities constantly say “I NEVER go to bed without wiping my makeup off”. This simple task which will literally take you 30 seconds can prevent you from waking up with a giant pepperoni on your forehead the next morning. They also don’t cost much, which is great for us college girls ;)

Aloe Vera for when you forget the sunscreen ;)

Let me just say, aloe vera is literally your best friend. This little plant works WONDERS. If you get a pesky sunburn just apply aloe vera to the irritated skin and in a day or two, your skin and the skin gods will be rejoicing! I also use aloe vera in my hair for deep conditioning, it’s great for detangling (I have very curly hair).


STOP caking your beautiful face with powder when you start to sweat in makeup!

DON’T DO IT! It’s a trap, oil blotting paper is your other new best friend! Constantly powdering your face will lead to clogged pores, which will result in breakouts and you will be sad L


Lip Balm and Lip Scrubs

After a night out wearing your favourite lipstick shade, especially the mattifying formulas, it’s important to show your lips some love with a lip scrub to get rid of all that dead skin and caked on lipstick. A honey and sugar scrub will do wonders for your lips, and don’t forget to apply some lip balm after to keep em’ looking luscious! My personal favourite is Vaseline with aloe extracts (told you aloe would become your new best friend).

The dewy look

I wanted to know for months how celebrities, the Instagram models and pretty much anyone would have their faces looking all dewy and angel like. I AM HERE FOR YOU GIRL, I found that mixing your foundation with a bit of liquid highlighter can have you GLOWING. I mean, literally glowing, you will become the sun and everyone will have to revolve around you. Rose water before you apply foundation will also give you a glowy effect, but not as significant as mixing your highlighter and foundation!

Face Masks

I like to leave these for a Sunday afternoon when I actually have time to experiment and pamper myself before another hell week starts. My favourite masks use turmeric, avocados, honey, coconut oil and lemons (not in one mixture!).  These links have the recipes that I like to use, I also tend to stick to one recipe for a while so I’m not exposing my pores to too many different things at once.

Vitamin C serums

THIS is how you can have the Victoria Secret dewy skin that you want, BUT it takes time and genetics and the environment also play a huge role!

What does vitamin C do for your skin? Glad you asked!

  • Helps collagen production! This pretty much will fill in the lines you will get from wrinkled or sun damaged skin
  • Helps prevent dark under eye circles
  • Gives you bright, healthy-looking skin
  • Can help speed up sunburn healing


Hopefully, these tips will help you with your skincare game this summer. So, keep drinking your water, eating your fruits and veggies, minding your own business and being kind to people and let your skin glow and your personality shine! <3