Summer 2018: Date Night in Guelph

As a Guelph native, I feel fairly confident giving you this list of restaurants. I honestly think these are some of the best places to eat. Some of these locations are Guelph staples and have hosted some pretty cool celebrities over the years. My list also includes some new and trendy places as well. I just figure, why not go enjoy a delicious meal with your beau on a beautiful summer day or night? Food is my favourite past time, so please, enjoy!


1. The Albion Hotel - 49 Norfolk St.

This gorgeous restaurant, bar and live music establishment has been in our city since 1856, later in 1882 it would be known as the infamous Albion Hotel. Now reborn, the Albion (as locals call her) remains a strong supporter of local Music, Art and Culture. Displaying local artists’ paintings on their walls, the Albion creates a unique and inviting atmosphere for all guests. Holding the second oldest liquor license in Ontario, my favourite bar serves virtually anything you desire. The Albion has a weekly line up special every single day! You honestly can’t beat that. My favourite nights to dine? Monday is $5 appetizers and $4 pints! Double dip with Wednesday AND Friday serving $5 burgers, they are mouthwatering. I’ve now ordered pretty much everything on their kitchen menu and I haven’t been disappointed. The Albion not only has a great indoor environment, but an open upstairs patio over looking our gorgeous downtown. At night they turn on twinkle lights and the whole place gets that much better! This place is perfect for first dates (my boyfriend and I had ours here!), family affairs (I had my high school graduation drinks and dinner here!), and great for a night out with friends (Saturday is funk night upstairs!). The Albion has everything to offer, it’s fun and hip but also a great environment for all ages. Let’s not forget about the amazing staff, next time you’re in tell them I sent you!



2. Earth to Table Bread Bar - 105 Gordon St.

Inspired by the Earth to Table cookbook, this restaurant embodies the food philosophy of shortening the gap between producer and consumer. The Bread Bar encourages a certain kind of lifestyle around food, and I kind of totally love it. The restaurant is authentic without even really trying that hard. Presenting excellent food with a chic atmosphere has now become so trendy, but Bread Bar does this honestly. The food is fresh and delicious with new specials and seasonal dishes galore. I’m definitely not ashamed to say I’ve tried all their pizzas… I just can’t help myself! But you may say, Adrianna, what should I order? Well, here’s my typical Saturday night order. First, make a reservation. Then, go out with your boo (or whoever you love to share a meal with) and order my boyfriend’s favourite Beau’s Lug Tread, a certified organic lagered ale. Or, their nonalcoholic in house iced tea, I love it. Next some apps, order the amazing kale Caesar salad or the loaded fries (or both!). Both are divine, the fries are the chef’s daily creations and you won’t regret them! Finally, on to the pizza. Enjoy my top 3 fresh to order stone baked pizzas: The Bee Sting, The Vampire Slayer or We Heart Rob. You will not be disappointed. Oh, and don’t forget to sit outside, they have a gorgeous view of the river and heaters for when its chilly at night. Trust me, this will be one of your favourite places to eat pizza, and like, who doesn’t love pizza.



3. Borealis Grille and Bar - 1388 Gordon St.

Borealis promotes three amazing ideologies that reign true to our Guelph community: Local, Building Heritage and Sustainability. Borealis is proud to stand with these ideas and so I am. There is something amazing about fresh, locally-farmed food, it just has this fabulous taste that money seemingly can’t buy. Borealis embodies what they call everyday prices, making their incredible menu actually affordable. Respecting the natural heritage is their second stand point and I really love that. Our Guelph heritage plays a large part of who we are. We are nature lovers and proud to have created this amazing community, so why not celebrate that in our restaurants? Finally, Borealis promotes a sustainable lifestyle. Not only are their products sourced in this way, but the mentality of the restaurant is. As we come closer to realizing just how important it is to protect mother earth, we begin to make serious food choices. I certainly love these values and I can’t think of a better way to present them then how eloquently Borealis has. Stop by next time you’re in the south end, you will not regret it!



4. Cusina - 160 Kortright Rd W.

This is the best Greek restaurant in town! Mediterranean inspired dishes providing you with amazing eats. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I’m sure you’ll find something to love. There’s honestly nothing better than fresh homemade traditional food, and that’s exactly what you get at Cusina. Their menu is a little more upscale, but you will not be let down! The staff makes you feel like you’re eating in their home, it’s such a wonderful atmosphere. This place is a little hidden gem, providing quick and quality service that does not disappoint. My mouth is watering just thinking about the crispy salads and amazing souvlaki dishes. This is the perfect place for date night (they run a special only $50) or for friends and family. You’ll leave here saying “wow, that’s better than Ya Ya used to make!”



5. Cadence - 88 Yarmouth St.

Did someone say vegan? This is my cousin's favourite restaurant. My cousin raves that this restaurant in the best in town and their service is fantastic. Inspired by natural and organic ingredients, Cadence highlights unique flavours. Creating delicious and affordable vegetarian and vegan meals I’m sure you’ll find something to enjoy regardless if that’s your go to diet. Cadence prices are also very competitive and affordable especially considering some of the ingredients offered are typically higher price range. Featuring fresh salads and unique creations Cadence provides you (and my list) some fresh experiences. Don’t be shy, vegan food can be amazing! If you ever thought of trying vegan, this is your go-to place!