Stronger Study Preparation That Will Be Reflected in Your Grade

It is no secret that as the warmer weather sneaks in and the semester comes to an end, students seem to show a decrease in their study preparation in relation to the work they put out during their midterm season. Based on experience, there are ways in which students can erase this decline and possibly encourage stronger habits for preparation concerning examinations. It turns out a large portion of the grade you receive is a direct reflection of how you organize and set yourself up for success. After adapting to some of these recommendations, I saw a substantial change in the proficiency of my testing abilities!  


1. Set a Timeline

My biggest tip when entering exam season is to create a visual representation of how you will complete all necessary studying before the test date. This can be through a variety of different forms. Some people love to use agendas and calendars, whereas others may wish to use journals. This way, you learn to hold yourself accountable for setting time aside to study rather than bunching all of your work into the final few days. 


2. Go to Bed Early

This was one of the hardest things to wrap my head around! In high school and all the way to my first University semester, I thought that studying was all about time dedication and did not consider that my body needed rest too. When you’re tired, it is difficult to do work as your brain starts to weaken and slow down. Conclusively, this can result in unsubstantial memory retention due to fatigue. With proper rest, it is possible to see a stronger sense of recall which will overall increase your mark.  


3. Make a Meeting with Your TA or Professor

It is very easy to feel an overwhelming sense of busyness around exam time. However, setting aside fifteen minutes to talk to a course representative can be extremely insightful. This way, if you have any last-minute questions for clarification or even if you just want to test your knowledge, you can receive feedback from the best person.  


Nonetheless, examinations are not supposed to make you endeavor an immense amount of stress. As much as they are a reflection of your knowledge throughout the course, it is not the entirety of your abilities and by keeping anxious feelings to a minimum and adapting important study habits, you are doing everything in your life to achieve great grades!