To the Silent Strugglers

September is often a time for excitement, with events like O-week, Pep rally, seeing old friends and meeting new people. However, this time can also be an incredibly trying period for those suffering from mental illness.  On average mental illness is said to affect 1 in 5 people and university campus is no exception.

In September, many students will be away from home for the first time having to figure out how to function without relying on family members. For some, the pressure is too much and many don’t know where to turn. The University of Guelph offers the following services for those who may need an extra ear at this time of the year.

Mental Well-Being:  website that offers different options for student support

Student Support Network:                                

Monday through Friday 12:00pm – 10:00pm; Offers Drop – in peer support, which is found on campus in the Raithby House, located across from the cannon with confidential non-judgmental support.

Student Accessibility Services:

The Student Accessibility Services website offers Recourses for students who experiencing distress such as Campus Community Police (Emergency and Non- Emergency numbers) and Counselling Services for Urgent walk-in’s.

Good2Talk:  1-866-925-5454


Going away for school can be tough but knowing the different support networks offered on campus is a good way to calm the stresses of school life.