Sex Positive Events at UofG

Sexy Trivia/Bingo On January 31st, the Central Student Association held a sex-positive event night at Brass Taps. It was an all-ages event to help fight the stigma surrounding sex, masturbation and consent. With two rounds of bingo and trivia, students had the chance to win sex toys while learning fun facts about all things sex-related. If you missed this amazing event, there will be another one happening in late February!


Can I Kiss You?

During orientation week, all residence students are invited to this interactive presentation by Mike Domitrz. Sexual assault awareness, consent, and healthy relationships are all brought up during this event in which Mike brings students up on stage to participate and even win prizes!


Check Your Nuts

This collaborative event in the UC raises awareness about prostate and breast cancer as well as sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as HPV. This event also offers prizes to students willing to answer some trivia questions!


STI Challenge

Typically held in March, students can participate by peeing in a cup to get tested for STIs. This event aims to lessen the shame that may come with getting tested. Students should feel comfortable looking after their physical wellness, including going to the doctor to make sure they are having clean and safe sex. Not only is this a quick and easy way to get information about healthy sex, but the more students that contribute, the closer we get to winning the STI challenge against other universities!


The Ontarion: Sex Edition

While not an event, you should definitely pick up a copy while they're available! Our student-run newspaper, The Ontarion, issues a paper edition with articles focused mainly on sex-related topics such as “The Ins and Outs Sex Toys” and “The Pill: Do You Know What You’re Putting In Your Body?”. I guarantee you’ll learn something new!