Roommate Q&A: Carly and Rachel

This week I had the opportunity to sit down with my roommate Rachel and test our skills on how well we know each other; what we both learned is we know each other a little too well… read below and find out for yourself!  

How did you meet?

Carly: She’s my cousin so… I’ve known her forever

Rachel: well, we’re cousins so we didn’t really have a choice

How long have you lived together?

Rachel: This is our first year!

Carly: Since September

What is your favorite memory together?

Carly: Our weekly dinners and life chats

Rachel: Summers at the cottage

What is their nickname?

Rachel: Car

Carly: Rach (really original)

What is their favorite food?

Rachel: Fettuccine Alfredo, or pretty much anything edible

Carly: Pasta … or anything that is a carb  

Who’s the better cook?

Rachel: She’s pretty adventurous but I can make pretty good pasta

Carly: Me … cause all she eats is pasta

Who cleans more?

Rachel: Equally as much!

Carly: Rach


When they are watching TV what are they watching?

Rachel: Friends or Nashville

Carly: Boarder Security

What is their alcoholic beverage of choice?

Carly: Beer or vodka cran

Rachel: Angry Orchard

What is their biggest pet peeve?

Rachel: When anyone sleeps in her bed

Carly: Loud chewers

What is their worst habit?

Rachel: Farting

Carly: She burps a lot

What annoys you most about the other?

Rachel: Carly every time we go out: “I should probably take my Jesus necklace off”

Carly: She doesn’t remind me to take my Jesus necklace off …

Do you have any traditions?

Carly: Making dinner together & life chats .. If that counts

Rachel: Going to Marble Slab at least once a week