Road Trip Essentials

  • GPS: 

Please do NOT leave your house without a GPS. Most people rely on their Iphones, but you never know if the battery will die or if the directions have been updated on google maps. A GPS is much better to guarantee you’re going the right way and won’t have any problems on your journey. 

  • A Bombin’ Playlist

If you don’t like listening to the radio, bring your own mix tape full of your personal jams that you and your friends can belt to! 

  • Puzzle/book

If you’re not driving, I recommend bringing some entertainment. Depending on how long your trip is, you might run out of conversation starters or get bored of listening to music. Your brain will also thank you for filling it with knowledge! 

  • Snacks

Even the best of us get hungry at the worst of times. I’ve learned to always bring extra food for travel because you never know when the next gas station is going to show up. 

  • An Extra Change of Clothes

I’ve had my fair share of accidents in the car. Whether that be spilling something or not getting to a rest stop on time, it’s a good idea to carry extra clothes no matter what type of trip you’re planning.

  • Great Company

What’s a road trip without good company? Make sure you bring a group of friends you don’t mind being stuck in a vehicle with for a long period of time.