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Products and Ideas for a more Sustainable Life

As Australia fights off devastating wildfires and the awareness and evidence regarding climate change grows, it’s an important time as ever to
make changes in our own lives to help minimize our negative impact on the planet. Here are some ideas and products to help you live a more sustainable life.  

Reusable produce bags/grocery bags 

These bags are a great swap for the traditional plastic produce bags offered at the grocery store. So often the plastic bags end up immediately in the trash after transferring the produce into the fridge and reusable produce bags can minimize your use of these plastics. Along with reusable produce bags, purchasing reusable bags to keep in your car or bag are a good option to minimize the number of plastic bags you bring home from the store. My favourite reusable bags are from the company Blue Q and
are made from 95% post-consumer material
that is easy to wipe down if dirty.  

Reusable mugs 

Another easy way to reduce your waste is purchasing a reusable mug for use at your favourite coffee shops. Not only is this an environmental choice but on campus it is also an
economical one. When you purchase a drink with a reusable mug on campus, coffee shops will give you your drink regardless of the cup size for the price of a small.
Additionally, if you have a stamp card and purchase a beverage with your mug on a 
Monday you’ll get two stamps instead of one! It’s a great idea if you like hot and cold beverages to purchase one mug for hot drinks and another for your cold drinks.  

Meal Planning  

Meal planning is a great free way to become more sustainable by thinking ahead and deciding what meals you’ll be eating that week. By doing
this you can reduce some of your food waste by ensuring that the food in your fridge
isn’t forgotten and instead
is used up preparing your meals.  

Purchasing in Bulk  

With Bulk Barn being a short bus ride form campus it’s a great idea to take some old jars to the store and purchase some pantry and food staples. This way you reduce the amount of packaging that comes with items like flour, pasta or candy while also getting a great deal on your purchase.  


While the city
does have its own composting program, the best way to ensure you know where you’re composting food waste is going is to create and use your own compost. There are
many different tutorials on how to do this online.  


Rachel is a fourth year bio-medical science student at the University of Guelph.
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