Popular Myths about Sexual Health and the Truth about it

Discussing sexual health can be something people are reluctant to do explicitly even if they’re told that it is safe to do so. Although it is definitely more open now as it would have been a few years ago, it is still important to end the stigma of being able to talk about sexual health with others. It is also important to be able to  obtain the correct information from the right resources before you make any decisions about your own sexual health. Here are some sexual health myths that should be brought to attention and the reality behind it.  

1. Condoms aren’t effective  

Condoms are 98% effecting at preventing pregnancy and they are the only method that is able to protect again STIs. Although they aren’t ideal on its own to prevent pregnancy, they are important and will prevent more than just pregnancy. Fewer people are using condoms every year because they believe they aren’t effective but many of those individuals don’t realize the repercussions of engaging in sexual activity without a condom.  

2. You gain weight when you use birth control  

Using birth control can have side effects that vary from person to person, therefore they do not just cause weight gain in all women if they decide to use it. Birth control now can come in various forms and doesn’t necessarily have high levels of certain hormones over others so it doesn’t always cause weight gain, irregular menstrual cycles, etc.  

3. STDs can only be contracted through vaginal sex   

Sexually transmitted diseases can be contracted through various forms of sexual engagement and not exclusive to vaginal sex. It is important to use a condom during other forms of sex to prevent the transmission of STIs and it also important to let your partner know of any previous history of STIs. This could also include being tested together if you believe that it is a safe thing to do in that instant.