My 'Turban Up' Journey

In my three years at the University of Guelph, I have participated in several events for various clubs. The one event that has always been close to my heart is Turban Up. Hosted annually by the Sikh Students Association, it is one of the biggest events held in the University Centre courtyard.

During my first and second years I participated in the main event as well as activities held before the event, such as painting the cannon and tying a turban on the Gryph.

I have not only bonded with the other members of the club, but also with the members of the Guelph community by interacting with them and sharing knowledge about the core values of Sikhism.

This year, I had the wonderful opportunity to be more of a part of the planning process of the event as an executive member of the organization. From getting the event approved, to buying materials and everything in between, there are many details to be taken care of, and the planning has been underway for a few months now.

And now, there are only a few days left till the event. Being held on March 8th, which is International Women’s Day, Turban Up will be focussed specifically on gender equality in Sikhism, and the important roles women have played in Sikh history. I encourage everyone to come out to get a turban tied, enjoy some free food, and have discussions about the principles upon which Sikhism is based.