My 4 Favourite Beauty Products

Summer 2018 has started off with gorgeous patio weather and no bugs! Thank God. So, I wanted to take a moment to share my favourite beauty products that have been saving my life these past few weeks. Now let’s skip the boring stuff and jump right in.

Number One: First Aid Beauty Moisturizer

I don’t know about you, but I have combination skin. My forehead gets oily and the skin on my cheeks and around my mouth gets very dry. This cream is amazing, it doesn’t get oily, and dries fairly quickly. This container lasts forever! And I have loved using it on my neck too. Or even on my elbows or any place you find is extra dry. I typically only apply in the morning before my makeup. I often pair this with first aid beauty’s redness relief serum which I would apply first. Since I have very sensitive skin I have struggled to find products that work on my picky skin. I found this combined with my favourite face primer is the key to long lasting makeup looks that actually survive the heat. This moisturizer is totally worth the money, it seems to last forever and goes on so smooth. There’s no greater feeling then silky skin, so please grab this amazing product (or honestly anything by first aid beauty) at Sephora. It will not disappoint.


Number Two: Argan Oil

There is nothing like smooth and luscious hair. I have wavey hair that ends up being very frizzy in the heat. I hate having frizz, but it just gets amplified in the summer time. Adding argan oil (or any other oil of choice) not only limits the frizz and prevents it. I apply hair oil onto wet and dry hair. I noticed my hair also gets a little more dry in the summer time too. Hair oil limits the frizz and adds to the softness. I also use this particular argan oil because it aids in the overall health of my hair too. It doesn’t hurt that this one smells fantastic too!


Number Three: Highlighter

I absolutely love to sparkle and glow. I think highlight enhances the nature look of the face and draws attention to particular features. I love to apply highlighter on my check bone and draw it up in a half circle beside my eye and eyebrow. I also love to put some on my nose, my forehead and a little bit on my upper lip. I find highlight is a staple for summer time and with a tan you can really experiment on different colours and pigments. I really love MACs soft and gentle since it’s more pink. (I am all about the pink!) I also love the cover FX dropper highlight, but sometimes find it a bit difficult since it’s not a pressed powder. Whatever you decide, be bold! Summer is the time to sparkle and shine. I always apply enough highlight to blind! (LOL)


Number Four: Liquid Lipstick

I am completely obsessed with liquid lipstick. I love the doe applicators, I love how the product dries, I love that most formulas are long wear. (I also just love lipstick). I have purchased several Kylie Cosmetics matte liquid lipsticks and I have been really happy. This formula really does last, and the best part is, they are eat proof! If you aren’t interested in supporting the Kardashian empire, Stila also makes an amazing matte formula that is basically the same thing. These don’t come with lip liner, so I usually just apply 2 or 3 coats. I love that I don’t have to remember to reapply either, sometimes I even leave my lipstick at home depending on the size of my purse. I always find lipstick completes a look, without it I feel like my makeup isn’t done. Next time you go out don’t forget your lipstick!