Monthly Haircare Favourites

As the summer days get closer, there isn’t a better time to implement a healthier hair care routine. The most subtle changes to your everyday products can produce a tremendous change in the quality of your hair in relation to length, shine, and volume. To ultimately achieve and maintain a better routine, it is important to pay attention to what your hair particularly has or lacks. This can begin with something known as a hair porosity test. This will determine what will work best for your hair. It is important to note that I will be discussing what works for me and that everyone will have a different routine that is unique to them. 


1. Choosing Cleaner Products

For myself, I have been very cautious in respect to what I put on my hair. Ingredients such as sulfates and chemicals can have negative effects on your hair that may strip it of its natural oils and dry it out! With that, I have been using a scalp massager to lather my shampoo into my hair to reduce the unneeded buildup of products. By shampooing with your hair upside-down, you can add more volume as well. Finally, I finish my shower with a cold rinse to lock in shine and moisture.  


2. Using a Hair Oil

This has been one of my favourite new editions to my haircare routine. By using an oil on my hair, I am reducing the look of dry ends and giving it more shine. My current favourite is Moroccan oil, however, products like Argon and Castor oil are great as well!  


3. Use a Heat Protector

It goes without saying that this is a crucial part of taking care of your hair. Heat is a huge contributor to damage and should always be used sparingly. When you do decide to use heat, using a protective product can reduce this damage and keep the hair healthier! 


4. Use a Silk Pillowcase 

Finally, using a silk pillowcase has been such a game-changer for my hair! I used to wake up with the worst bedhead but now my hair is soft and ready for the day when I get out of bed! I would definitely recommend upgrading your pillowcases from cotton to silk or satin.  


Implementing a hair care routine is definitely important in order to see your hair grow and appear healthy and shiny! There is so much out there, and I am definitely still figuring it out myself. With quarantine, there isn’t a better time to start paying attention to your hair’s wishes and needs!