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The Mean Girls Cafeteria Groups: Guelph Edition

This here is your guide to surviving UoG. Where you sit is crucial. You got your…



The original core of the university. You can often hear Aggies before you can see them due to the clicking of their boots. Identifiable by their year’s designated leather jackets, these folks are hard to miss.


Stylish international students

These students rock all sorts of fashion looks. The campus is their runway. I’m talking platform sneakers, wide leg pants, pink fur jackets and a lot of colourful outfits.


Outdoorsy hippies

These nature lovers always have a reusable water bottle or travel mug in their hand. Their hair bands are tribal print to sometimes match their pants. They love all things outdoors and come spring time they’re out and on their slacklines.



The OG’s themselves. Guelph’s natives. This group varies in appearance, yet they all seem to have the same “meh” attitude about being at the university. Don’t get them wrong, they’re grateful for their parent’s housing and food, but that look in their eye screams ‘get me out.’

Kids who skateboard outside the UC

 A small crowd amongst Guelph students, yet a very recognizable bunch. These boarders have the utmost confidence of the student body, because they subject themselves to wiping out in front of everyone.


People who wear pajamas to class

Probably the most loveable students at Guelph. A very small and unique group of individuals that feel comfortable wearing pajamas and onesies to lectures. Most of the time these people are content living their own life and make no effort to please anyone. Gotta love them.


Varsity athletes

Student athletes always wear their team jackets and often travel in packs. That being said, they also seem to take every class as a team.


First years

Either excited to start a new life, scared sh*tless, or pretending to not give a damn. These people may vary in attitudes but all share common traits of: making hour long snap chat stories every night they go out, buying textbooks they won’t need and shrinking their UoG sweaters in the dryer.



There are rare sightings of engineering students. Rumor has it they do 30+ hours of class a week and live in THORN. They seem the most tired of all the students and are least enthusiastic when asked about their program. 



A very common crowd here at Guelph. Hipster are often mistaken for outdoorsy hippies, alas they have their differences. This particular group of people love all things thrift and their favourite musical artist is usually someone you’ve never heard of. Hipsters can most commonly be found at the Bull Ring.


Trappers guys

Girls, you know the type I’m talking about. These are the ‘Saturdays are for the boys’ kind of guys. Here at Guelph they can be seen live streaming sports games during lecture and likely speaking unnecessarily loud to their friend about how wild Trappers was and how “you should have been there bro.” Most of these guys don’t care about their degree and just want to be famous on Instagram’s 5thyear’s page.


Try Hard Business Students

The alpha of the business kids. Their resumes are their pride and glory. These students are the ones constantly inviting you to networking events and gallas via Facebook.

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