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Just in time for Valentine's Day, Twitter is celebrating one of our favourite words, "love'. Being one of the most trending social media applications, Twitter has the ability to bring people together. So what do you do when you want to share love on Twitter? Well...you have endless hashtags and emojis to choose from. Putting it into perspective...With a total of 2.5 billion tweets celebrating love in just one year, that's around 80 mentions of the word per second! 

Here are the top ten used love emojis:

The top ten lovely hashtags used:

Twitter's Valentine's day featured stickers:

Finally, the most liked tweet of 2017 thus far. One that reminds us that together we can conquer just about anything:

In a world full of hate, anger, and war, it is always wonderful to see people coming together; and to see people expressing their love. The endless support people are able to give one another on Twitter is the reason that people successfully use the platform to both express their love and gratitude, and also connect with others. Whether it be someone finding another person with the same name as their ex to use their plane ticket, getting an uncensored update on politics in a foreign country, or even using a hashtag on the trending list to show support, twitter is the place to "share love in the face of adversity, to find love and share love for the people who make a difference in our lives (Joel Lunenfeld, 2017)".

Twitter wants you to join the celebration of love around the world this Valentine’s Day with stickers and #LoveHappens to unlock a special emoji! Starting today, going through to February 20, aside from the LoveHappens hashtag, Twitter users can also use the following to unlock the new emoji and spread love all over their news feed:

#bemyvalentine, #bemine, #candyhearts, #valentinesday, #hugsandkisses, #secretadmirer, #SinglesDay, #sweetheart, #thatslove, #valentine, #valentines, #valentinesday2017, #whoneedsavalentine, #willyoubemyvalentine, #loveontwitter.



Double specialization: Sociology and Political Science (Focus on Criminal Justice Topics) at the University of Guelph. Can likely be found on an adventure, or in bed with a book and some snacks...or blogging!
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