Justin Trudeau and Canada: Your Silence is Deafening

Two days ago newly elected president Donald Trump created an executive order to stop accepting refugees from seven different countries; Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia.

The past two days has been filled with heartbreaking stories from airports across the United States of LEGAL green card holders being denied entry to return home. Innocent people being detained and asked to perform religious tests and hand over their personal cellphones to authorities, to ensure they’re not Muslim.

Trump is refusing to call it a Muslim ban and Trudeau is refusing to call it anything at all.  

All I’ve seen from Canadian government officials is gloating tweets about how “great” Canada is because we will welcome all refugees regardless of religious or cultural beliefs. I’ve seen dozens of members of parliament tweet out that Canada will accept any refugee who is turned away by the United States.

While that’s great, it’s not addressing the issue. This calls for more than subtweets, we need action. This is not a time to get smug, this is a time to get moving. It’s time for us to speak up and take a stand against this unbearable behavior.

As I write this I am watching a live story on CNN about a shooting in a Quebec City mosque. This is not an “American” problem, this is our problem. By not speaking up we are allowing Trump to carry out these unlawful orders and infect our citizens. Silence is compliance.

The Holocaust started with lists and bans and press attacks. Anyone standing by is going to be a criminal in our children’s history books, and that includes us Canada.

So Justin Trudeau and all Canadian MP’s, it’s time to call a spade a spade, and put a stop to this disgusting and unconstitutional act-before it’s too late.

Please find information on how to contact your local MP below and urge them speak up against this hate.