How The US Election Results Will Affect Us as Canadians

Keeping up with the US election is probably one of the most stressful things I’ve done this year (aside from figuring out what I wanted to do once I graduated). From the Primaries to the campaign rallies all the way to the debates, I don’t remember a day where I wasn’t on Twitter trying to figure out what exactly was happening. The only thing I didn’t think about until a club member did was how the results would have an impact on Canadians.  

With the border being closed, I highly doubt we would see a sudden influx of Americans aiming to seek asylum from the ensuing chaos that may occur after the votes are counted, but that doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be any consequences of either candidate winning. For Biden, I can’t imagine that the backlash would be bad here in the North. As for Trump, that’s another story. 

I’ve heard of an increase in incidences of racism in Canada since Trump came into power in 2016, but I can’t remember any specific incidences occurring in Canada aside from the Quebec City mosque shooting (the shooter was an alleged fan of Trump and his policies). Will we see an increase of acts committed against marginalized communities? One can only hope not, but it also depends on who wins. 

This particular election has a lot riding on it, but I am hopeful that regardless of who wins, things will be okay.