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How to Pull an All-nighter Like a Boss

Finals are upon us, the dread that comes with having over 15 chapters worth of content that needs to be memorized for five courses is here. I deal with that dread by wasting more of my time by re-watching shows that I have previously watched, which now suddenly become 100x more interesting and leaving everything to the last minute. Yes, I have studied for a cumulative final in one night purely with the help of adrenaline many times. 


Do I recommend it? Absolutely not.  


Will I be doing it again? Absolutely yes. Actually, I am doing that right now by writing this article instead of studying for my statistics exam at 4 AM.  


I don’t think I will ever stop leaving everything to the last minute and looking like I got hit by a truck by the end of the night. I remember one time, I severely underestimated the amount of work I had to do and in the middle of an intense study session, my roommate (also a master procrastinator) came to my room, didn’t say anything and we just both started bawling our eyes out. We gave ourselves 5 minutes to cry and then went right back to studying.  


Having the fear of failure but also being a master procrastinator is not an easy feat so, I am here to guide you on how to pull a successful all-nighter because I want you to do it right.  


Here are my three tips on how to pull an all-nighter like a boss:  


Number 1: Don’t drink excessive caffeine  

I know, I can see that you are ready to click off of this article but hear me out! Excessive caffeine, especially all at once, can give you a lot of energy initially, and then that leads to a quick burn-out. If you are planning on studying through the night for an 8 AM final and you chug a monster energy drink at 12 AM, the chances of you falling asleep during your final are very high. I literally did that once and let me tell you, the proctor coming to wake me up in the middle of my chem final was horrifying. Instead, opt for drinking caffeine throughout the night, so sip your monster drink or iced coffee as you study, this will give you prolonged energy and reduce the risk of burn-out.  


Number 2: Stay away from simple carb

Pizza, grilled cheese, fries, onion rings, and other random Uber Eats orders at 3 AM which are high in calories can make you feel tired rather than energize you, so stay clear of these. Simple carbs such as rice and bread are known to induce drowsiness so nibble on small, frequent snacks. I like to have light snacks, such as cucumbers or carrots with hummus, frozen berries with pink salt, tangerines, or a sandwich. Also, remember to drink loads of water throughout the night.  


Number 3: Recovery time 

While it is alright to pull all-nighters, it is also important to schedule recovery time for your body and brain to rest. Plan an early night the next day or take an afternoon nap!  

Hey! My name is Areej and I am a third year student at the University of Guelph. Welcome to my HerCampus page :)
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