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How-to: Not Live the Broke Student Life

Our campus has so many opportunities to find work, whether you’re a student on OSAP, an engineer with next to no free time or any kind of student that has too much time and the motivation to get some extra cash.

Step 1: Start using your resources!

Recruit Guelph is full of both on-campus and off-campus positions, for part-time work during the year or full-time summer positions!

The University Centre has a job board just at the bottom of the Brass Taps stairs you could also check out.

If you’re eligible for OSAP that also means you’re eligible for a very flexible work-study position.


Step 2: Organise your Resumé

Once you’ve found a couple of positions you may be interested in, update your resumé, and consider adding on a cover letter. Full CVs show that you’re serious about the position, they can also be used to explain why you’re good for the position even without the perfect experience.


Step 3: Patiently start applying to jobs!

Apply vigorously and wait for your first interview. Don’t stress about the interview especially if you’ve never been to one. Try to use a search engine to look up practice interview questions and ask a friend or roommate to help you out. Also, don’t stress if you don’t hear back for a while, there are a lot of people applying to jobs, you’ll get an interview eventually.

Some places to apply to work at on Campus: Hospitality Services, Housing Services, the Brass Taps, the U.C. restaurants, the Bullring, the Athletic Centre, the Library, the Bookstore, and many work-study positions which may involve collaborating with a professor for research or working in one of the many administrative offices across campus.  


Step 4: Start working, but start saving too!

Once you’ve passed the interview stage you can accept your new position and start practising your time management! 

Most on-campus positions will give you a similar schedule on a week to week basis, so you can set aside study time based on your usual work hours. 

Don’t forget to save a percentage of what you make, but if you don’t, university is definitely the time to live pay check to pay check. 

Double specialization: Sociology and Political Science (Focus on Criminal Justice Topics) at the University of Guelph. Can likely be found on an adventure, or in bed with a book and some snacks...or blogging!
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