How to Maximize Your MCAT Study Habits


Studying for the MCAT can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Here are some tips that’ll hopefully help you out!


Take a Prep Course

There are several companies that offer MCAT prep classes, but I ended up choosing Prep101. Prep courses offer structured learning and make sure that you have covered all the material required for the MCAT.


Find a Study Buddy

My friend and I went through our prep course together and wrote our exam at the same location too. Having someone who was in the same boat made the constant studying a little bit easier.


Take Advantage of Free Resources

You don’t have to spend lots of money on resources to help study for the MCAT, there are many free tools out there to help you succeed. For instance, many past test takers have put up their study notes online to help future MCAT writers, and Khan Academy has an entire MCAT series that covers most (if not all) the required topics.


Conduct Port-Mortems

Whenever you do practice exams, you should go through question by question and make sure you understand all the questions that you got wrong. This cues you in to what topics you should be spending more time reviewing.


Use a Study Schedule

If you opt out of using a prep course, there are many tried-and-true study schedules that have been put online by people who have scored 525+. Check out or for some examples.


Pick the Right Textbooks

Check out the reviews of each textbook company before you decide which you decide to purchase. I recommend Exam Krackers because that’s the company that Prep101 uses and I found them to be more than adequate.


Good luck studying, collegiates!





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