How to join new clubs on campus this semester

There have been countless articles, blog posts and editorials written about why getting involved in university clubs or organizations is helpful. It gives you the opportunity to learn something new, make friends, bond with others who have similar interests and also looks fantastic on your resume or CV. But how do you approach a club you aren’t familiar with and keep your nerves under control? Which organizations should you join, and when? How do you even find which club speaks the most to you? If you’re seeking the answers to any or all of these questions, keep reading!

1. Make a list

This first step is key! Making a list of all the clubs you would like to join on campus this semester can help you narrow down your options and decide which ones you’d like to join, think more about, or perhaps aren’t for you at the moment. They can also help provide you with a visual sense of everything you’re taking on, and if you have more or less room in your schedule for multiple extracurricular activities. You can even include contact information of executives or senior members to ask any questions before that first general meeting!

2. Attend clubs days, events and other activities fairs

Many universities have designated days, usually early in the semester, where clubs set up booths and recruit new members. Going to these events can help you meet members, find out what your favourite clubs are all about, and see if they might be something you’d like to join. Talking to existing members or executives is also a great way to feel more comfortable with a club, ask questions and get to know them!

3. Go to first meetings

The first meeting of any club is often for new members who are interested to learn more. They’re great opportunities to meet existing members/executives, ask questions and learn exactly what the club does and why. 

4. Don’t be afraid to change your mind

If you go to a first meeting and it’s just not for you, that’s completely okay. Or if you realize you’ve taken on way too much in addition to your schoolwork and need to cut back on extracurricular activities, that’s okay as well! Changing your mind is a common part of university life, and it’s better to feel great in a club that is both fun and rewarding, rather than be part of a club that doesn’t suit you or your schedule.