How to decide if summer courses are for you

It can be tough to decide if taking extra courses will fit in with your schedule during the summer. These are three things to consider if you are on the fence about enrolling in classes from May to August.

1. Your summer work schedule

If you are going to be working at several jobs during the summer and getting a lot of hours, adding extra courses to that might not be the best choice. You don’t want to risk burning out from working and schoolwork before the new fall semester starts again in September. But if you are not going to be working too much, or are casually volunteering at an organization, taking a few extra classes during the summer might be a great way to keep busy and lighten your academic load in the future.

2. Where you’re at with your degree

Taking extra classes during the summer can definitely help you complete your degree program sooner, or it may also help to gain a few extra credits if you’re planning to graduate soon. If you also are planning to start a new job or will have extra responsibilities in the fall semester, enrolling in summer courses would be a wonderful way to continue to stay on track with your degree and also help you stay balanced in the following semester.

3. The courses that are available

Some degree programs are known for not really offering any courses during the summer months, but you may still be considering taking some extra electives. Thinking about where you’re living for the summer is important too—if you are going back to your hometown, taking online courses is a great option! But if you are staying in Guelph or are from Guelph, it may be fun to take classroom courses or even try to enrol in a workplace learning course that helps you earn a credit, get involved with the community and learn some new skills!