Have You Heard of Adidas Originals' New Collaborative Partner?

Ji Won Choi was born in Seoul and has lived and completed education in the United States of America and in France. Her collaboration with Adidas was Korean-inspired and takes a modern street style approach to combine cultural significance and women’s fashion. Her use of the Adidas three stripes is a staple for the line which shows many linear patterns.

Ji Won Choi claims that this line is an expression of her personal aesthetic with a mix of the classic Adidas Original style that we all know and love. One of her objectives was to make a bold, yet simple look. She also wanted to colours to evoke playful and happy feelings for the wearer.

Not only does the clothing design reach beyond standard style, but the set used for modelling these clothes took the collection to a whole new level. Her set designer took into consideration Ji won Choi’s muse of movement and diversity for the collection and integrated these themes into the set. Thus came the use of multiple staircases for the runway. This manipulation of the flow and imagery of the show emphasizes the brightness and uniqueness of the line.