Guelph Spotlight: Milestones

We all get tired of campus food every now and then, no matter how good it is. I recommend going to Milestones next time you want to get off campus. Located next to Walmart, it is super close to campus. I have been three or four times already this semester, and every time I ordered something new, it was great. With Christmas coming up, they also have their special holiday menu, including a ginger toffee cake that is to die for (I ordered two when I was there last week!). Regardless of if you want a burger, pasta, salad, or even brunch (which I highly recommend), Milestones has great options. And the best part is: they accept Flex dollars!

The architecture of the place is great, making you feel like you are in a high-end restaurant even though it is very affordable. As it is separated into several areas, you can choose to either sit in the dining hall or near the  bar, where they have high tables. Every time I leave the restaurant, I feel like I have left all campus struggles behind me!

Here are a few of my menu recommendations:

  • Coconut calamari rings (this appetizer is almost too good to be true!)
  • Ginger toffee cake (as mentioned before)
  • Butternut ravioli (with spiced pecans!)