Fun and easy Halloween snacks on a budget

Spooky season is finally upon us! With Halloween around the corner, many of us will be attending (or hosting) parties, movie nights, or hangouts! To make these events even spookier, I made a list of easy and cheap Halloween snacks that you can make in your dorm. No kitchen? No problem!

1. Oreo Spiders

This snack is extremely easy to make. All you need are: Oreos, skittles (or smarties), and pretzels. No baking, no mess, just sweet deliciousness!

2. Halloween Monster Mouths

Want to participate in the Halloween fun but don’t want to consume insane amounts of sugar? This snack is a healthier option but just as good! For directions on how to put them together, check out this website:

3. Witch Brooms

Every witch needs a broom, especially one this sweet! All you need are mini chocolate peanut butter cups, toothpicks, and some pretzels (which you can also use for the spiders). Simply use the toothpick to make a hole in the top of the chocolate cups, put a pretzel in it, and voila! You’re ready to fly away!

4. Banana Ghosts & Tangerine Pumpkins

This snack is probably the easiest one the list, and a great one for all fruit lovers! Peel bananas, cut them in half, and give them chocolate chip eyes to make little ghosts. For the pumpkins, simply peel a tangerine and add a small slice of cucumber or celery for its stem. Simple, cute, and delicious!

5. Fire-Breathing Melon Monster

If you have a little more time on your hands in between homework and classes, you can make this spooky melon monster in a few simple steps. This snack will certainly attract everyone’s attention and is bound to get you some compliments. Of course, you could change out the fruit pieces for hummus or another dip and surround it with chips. If you don’t like melon, this monster is just as easily made from a pepper. Check out this website for instructions on how to assemble this snack: