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Winter dates can be perfect..
.sharing milky hot chocolate together, listening to holiday music, or walking through the beautiful snow. However,
it can be tricky to plan dates with your special someone during the winter when you never really know what the weather will bring. These are a few
winter date ideas for every couple!

1. Winter Wonderland Walk

Walking through the pristine, sparkly snow with your S.O. is a great date! It’s fun, affordable, gives you both a chance to spend some time together outdoors, and provides the perfect opportunity to chat as you walk together.

2. Holiday Light Stroll

There’s always that one home in every neighbourhood that
is covered with
lights, and has a gigantic puffy Santa and some plastic reindeer on the front lawn. Taking a moon-lit stroll through the neighbourhood to admire decorations and lights is a perfect way to spend time with your S.O. Bringing hot chocolate in a thermos is also an excellent idea if it’s
particularly cold.

3. Something Sweet

The winter/holiday season is definitely the time for sweets! Baking cookies or cake (and eating it afterward) with your S.O. is a wonderful date idea.

4. Skating and Snow angels 

Winter won’t be around forever (although sometimes it can seem that way), but spending time with your S.O. outside while it’s here can be a lot of fun! Tobogganing, skating and making snow angels together are all original, fun and uniquely wintry date ideas!




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