Five Things to Consider When Studying for Midterms

As the leaves finally begin to change colour, so do our colour coordinated planners. What was once a series of carefully planned out tasks, has now become overrun by highlighter markings set to remind us of due dates for assignments, quizzes, labs and midterms. As midterms approach, I have a few things that you might want to consider while studying. 

1. Location

Location is very important when studying! Some people need extreme quiet, while others require a little noise. There's no one place that everyone should study. I prefer the quiet floors of the library, as the change in scenery helps me focus and separate my sleeping area from my study space. However, I do know other people who prefer the common rooms of their residences, or their kitchen dining table, as it's more convenient for them to be able to have snacks, make tea, wear whatever is comfortable, and not have to worry about their stuff when they go to the bathroom. Something to note is that you can study in many buildings on campus! Most buildings have areas where students can sit and study, or at least charge their laptops. 

Pexels (Artem Beliaikin) 

2. Outfit

Clothing might seem unimportant, but what you wear can have a big impact on your productivity! Many people feel more awake and productive when they change clothes to study. Wearing pajamas might sound appealing (and comfy), but they might also put you to sleep. On the other hand, studying doesn't have to be a fancy event. If you want to wear something nice, you can, but the most important thing about the clothes you wear while stuyding is how you feel, not how you look. 

3. Study Buddies 

Studying with others is often encouraged, but if it doesn't work for you, that's fine! If you're struggling in a certain course and you know someone who can help you grasp the material, that's great. However, if you're understanding the material and don't do well with noise or get easily distracted, studying with others might not be for you. Personally, I like studying with others, just not when we're all studying the same thing together. One huge benefit to studying with friends in the library, however, is being able to go to the bathroom and leave your things with them. 

Pexels (Dominika Roseclay)

4. Drinks 

Coffee, coffee, coffee. A lot of people drink a lot of coffee while studying. I agree that drinks make studying so much better. Especially in the fall, it's nice to have something warm to sip while taking notes.. .or to keep you warm in the library as it's always freezing. It's important to choose the right drink when studying. If you suffer from coffee crashes, coffee is not the way to go. Black teas are usually a better choice if you're trying to drink less coffee, as they have a bit less caffeine yet enough to help you stay awake. Herbal teas can be nice  as well, but not ones that put you to sleep. Lastly, staying hydrated with water is crucial. 

5. Snacks

Everyone loves to eat! I'm pretty sure that's where the concept of study snacks came from. Why not eat while you work? Enrich the mind and the body at the same time! Snacks can be difficult though. If you want something healthy, you either have to take the time to make it yourself (and remember to take it to university) or spend some money. Beyond that, depending on where you're studying, you might not want anything messy or noisy. It's awful being that person opening a granola bar wrapper on the quiet floor of the library. To avoid that, some snacks I recommend are: popcorn (pop it ahead of time and bring a little container of it), DIY trail mix (stop by the bulk barn, get some nuts, seeds and chocolates that you like, combine and enjoy) or fruit. 

No matter how you study, I hope you can find your perfect study conditions in time for midterms. And if you’re like me, and some of your midterms have already taken place, keep going and don’t be discouraged!